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Template:Third-party Template:Infobox radio station STAR: St Andrews Radio is a student radio station in St Andrews, Scotland. It was founded in 2005, and is run by volunteers from the University of St Andrews. The station receives funding from the University of St Andrews Students' Association, and is primarily managed by the Broadcasting Officer.[1]

File:STAR founders.jpg
(Left to right) Sandy Walker, Michael Blair, Fleur Jervis Read, and David Wilkinson in the Union cloakroom during the first trial of Star FM, March 2005.


STAR was founded by Sandy Walker and Steve Pidcock, and began with a two-week trial broadcast from 28 February to 13 March 2005, using the cloakroom of the Students' Association building as a studio. During this period, the station broadcast online at, and on 87.7 FM, for six hours each day. This required around £3,000 of funding, much of which came from the Rector's Charitable Fund, following the support of Clement Freud, then Rector of the University of St Andrews.[2]

During the trial period, the website received 15,000 hits per day. This success led to further two-week broadcasts, all of which required a Restricted Service Licence.[3] For the second two-week broadcast, from 21 November to 4 December 2005, the station relocated to the former laundry room of the Students' Association building,[4] and received verbal support from Zane Lowe and Brian Page (then Programme Director at Rock FM).[5]

The station moved to the top floor of the Students' Association building in 2006, and soon moved away from FM broadcasts, instead focusing on internet radio. Broadcasting was disrupted in 2014, as the building underwent redevelopment. Following this, STAR moved to a purpose-built studio on the middle floor.[6]


File:STAR St Andrews show.jpg
A presenter in the studio, September 2019.

The station broadcasts 24/7 during term time, with hour-long live shows from 9am to 1am each day. Content varies significantly with each hour, due to the freeform style of programming, with all current students of the University of St Andrews being able to apply for their own weekly show. STAR features over 100 shows, despite the small student population.[7]


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