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Saasu is an Australian owned company that develops online accounting software.[1] It is distributed using the software as a service model.[2]


Saasu was founded in 2000 by Marc Lehmann and Grant Young,[3] maturing from a side project into a business in 2007. It was founded on the basis of driving automation in business.[4] Rather than take on early capital, Saasu is privately owned and funded and has expressed a focus on profitability over size.[5] Marc Lehmann seed funded Saasu with a $1 million credit line in 2000 with subsequent minor investments from Pan Global Nominees and Cooper Sydney.[6]

In 2014, Saasu signed partnerships with the Australian online foreign exchange platform OzForex[7] and PayPal.[8]

In 2015, Saasu announced an exclusive partnership with Westpac.[9]


Saasu capabilities include sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, CRM, point of sale, document and workflow management, global search and tagging.[10][11]


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