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Saman Jalili
Saman Jalili at the Fajr International Music Festival
Born (1990-07-25) July 25, 1990 (age 30)[1]
Karaj, Iran
Occupation Template:Flatlist
Height 1.70m
Musical artist

Saman Jalili (Template:Lang-fa; born July 25, 1990 in Karaj[2]) is an Iranian musician, singer, record producer and songwriter,and composer.[3]


Saman Jalili His first official (album, Partgah[4] , Che hale kobey[5]), was released on September 5.[6]Performed its first official concert at the International Exhibition Hall on 5th January. Jalili is one of the singers whose concert was canceled in the spring of 2008.[7]

Review and Analysis

Saman Jalili is one of the singers whose albums have been studied and analyzed in the book Popeye.[8]The BBC's Seven Saturday Music Program has been reviewing Jalili's songs.[9]


Official Albums
No. Album Release date
1 Collections 2011
2 Partgah[10] 2014
3 Che hale kobey[11] 2017
English Persian
The love of عشق من[13]
Avoid تلافی
Carre by Karem Ndari کاری ب کارم نداری
Carshums کارچشمهات
Rafeeq Nima Rah رفیق نیمه راه
Excuse بهونه
Space فاصله
Explosion wave موج انفجار
Last Breath آخرین نفس
A sense of calm حس آرامش
Now these days are ruined حال خراب این روزات
Opportunity to live فرصت زندگی
Today's Truth حقیقتای امروز
Confused سردرگم
A sense of calm حس آرامش
What? چرا؟
Fence حصار
Punishment مجازات
Not care حواست نیست
Madness جنون
Doubt تردید
Relax آرامش
I love you دوست دارم
Fiction خیال
Feeling displaced احساس آواره
Cum تقدیر
Trifle بازیچه
Your eyes چشمای تو
I swear قسم
Wow وای دلم
Your heart قلب تو
amazing فوق العاده
Yeti b do یکی ب دو
Head to the road سر ب راه
Toddler تودلی
Lajbaz لجباز
binazir بی نظیر
Aseghtam عاشقتم
Pas man Che? پس من چی؟

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