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Shayan Khan
Shayan Khan Farooqi - Mr. Pakistan World 2013 winning.
Born Shayan Khan Farooqi

California, United States

Texas, United States
Occupation Entrepreneur, Model, Film actor, Producer
Years active 2011–present

Shayan Khan Farooqi, known professionally as Shayan Khan, is an American Entrepreneur, Model, Actor, Entertainer and Producer. Khan was awarded the title of Mr. Pakistan World in 2013, and has finished the filming of his first feature film Na Band Na Baraati, in Toronto, Canada on October 17, 2016.

Khan is a successful entrepreneur, model, actor and producer based out of California, United States. Khan owns large stakes in several software firms, travel-centers, oil/gas, grocery, food & beverage, equipment leasing, venture capital, construction, manufacturing, real-estate, and media production companies. In addition to his own business ventures, Khan is an heir to large trust funds with holdings internationally.

Early life

Khan was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He spent the first 12 years of his life traveling between Karachi, Pakistan and various other countries aboard motor vessels, due to his father’s occupation as a Chief Engineer within the Civil Marine. Khan travelled extensively as a child to over 50 countries. Both sides of Khan’s paternal families came from wealthy backgrounds, and still own swaths of real estate, and other assets back in India, Pakistan and Internationally. Khan's family first became well off in Karachi, Pakistan after their initial migration from India. Khan spent his early years in Karachi, Pakistan and traveled extensively aboard ships. He started Montessori school at age 2, thereafter he attended The City School (Pakistan) for his kindergarten education, and he started 1st grade at St. Michael's Convent School, Clifton, Karachi. Khan, a brilliant student from a very young age, has always been an adventure seeker. He was one of the first kids in his school to own a computer, which he used to start a business selling items online, which made him an extraordinary amount of money for someone his age. He was honored the title of 5th officer aboard a Motor Vessel at age 7, for his dedication and work ethics, while working a volunteer position for the captain of the ship.

Khan started acting on stage at St. Michael's Convent School during festive months at a very young age. Khan was amongst the smartest students in his school, but as an adventurous child, he often found himself in conflict with authority figures. Around his mid ages, Khan moved to the DHA area in Karachi, and while still attending St. Michael's Convent Schooll till 7th grade, when he was expelled from school (for selling Items acquired online, wearing his hair long, sagging his pants, and engaging in fist fights). After attending Clifton Grammar School for a brief stint, Khan’s family moved to the United States, where his father started several businesses including real estate, construction, oil/gas exploration, and gas-grocery stores. Khan attended Alief Hastings High School, Carrollton High School (Texas), and the University of Houston. Khan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, he’s spent more time pursuing a variety of business interests than formal education because he has always been able to teach himself about anything that interests him. Khan was and is brilliant at computer software and hardware, as well as hacking and IT, routinely shocking adults with his extensive knowledge and expertise. Khan taught himself programming as another way to earn money, in the process developing data software, hosting servers, hacking to help developers secure their servers, etc. At the age of 14, Khan started a novelty and pre-paid cell phone/calling cards supply route in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Ever since being picked to perform in his elementary school, Khan was widely praised throughout his school acting career. He was cast as a lead child artist in a show called Fun Time by Network Television Marketing in Pakistan, which was produced and directed by Shariq Naqvi but never aired due to Network Television Marketing's sudden closure. Khan, through the aforementioned experiences, developed a keen interest and passion in the Entertainment Business; therefore he attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in 2012 to sharpen his skills. In 2013, Khan competed in a Pakistani Modeling Pageant that took place in Toronto, Canada on the 30th of August 2013. Khan was awarded the title of Mr. Pakistan World 2013, as well as Mr. Personality, by notable Pakistani actor , Noman Ijaz.[1] Later, Khan went on to make small productions such as TV commercials and corporate videos, before entering full scale into the entertainment business. On October 17, 2016, Khan, finished the filming of his first Feature Film, Na Band Na Baraati, set to release in December 2017.


Khan’s paternal grandparents from his father’s side Maleeh-ud-din Khan Farooqi, were from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, British India, and were direct descendants of the Faruqi dynasty, the ruling dynasty of Khandesh sultanate until Mughal Annexation[2] Khan’s lineage can be traced all the way back to the second Caliph Umar.

Khan’s paternal grandparents from his mother's side belong to the Khanzada family, a community of Muslim Rajputs found in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Khan’s paternal grandmother, Rajbunnissa Khan Begum, was the daughter and heir to Ayub KhanTemplate:Dn, a Raja of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, and Rajput of over 50 other villages.[3] She is also related to Majrooh Sultanpuri, a well known urdu poet.[4]

Professional career

Khan is a self made entrepreneur who owns several software firms heavily involved in the automation industry creating and developing Apps, Block-Chain Technology, Data Base Automation Products, Unity 3D Art/Animation content, and various other software related products for licensing and sale.

Khan also owns large stakes in several software firms, travel-centers, oil/gas, grocery, food & beverage, equipment leasing, venture capital firms, construction, manufacturing, real-estate, and media production companies. In addition to his own business ventures Khan is an heir to large trust funds with holdings Internationally.

Entertainment career

In 2012, Khan attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, in Los Angeles, California. And then started creating corporate videos and commercials. Finally, in 2016 taking a leap forward into the film industry. Khan completed filming of his first full feature film, Na Band Na Baarati, on 17 October 2016, in Toronto, Canada. Film is set to release internationally in December 2017.[5]



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Male Competition

Mr. Pakistan World 2013

On August 30, 2013 Khan[7] was awarded the title of Mr. Pakistan World 2013 by noted actor from Pakistan, Noman Ijaz. Khan also won the Mr. Personality Award[8] Khan won by overwhelming support of the audience and judges.[9]

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