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Stephan Balliet is a German man who allegedly carried out the Halle attack and allegedly murdered two people.

Early life

Balliet was born in Eisleben and grew up in Benndorf, about 40 Kilometers to Halle (Saale) in Saxony-Anhalt. He is the only child of his parents. His parents split when Balliet was 14 years old and since that, he lived at his mothers place in Benndorf.[1]

He learned to handle weapons during his time in the German armed forces having done his six-month military service in the Panzergrenadierbattaillonas an 18-year-old. There he was trained about the assault rifle HK G36 and the pistol HK P8. Evidence of a right-wing attitude has not been found in his military file.[2] He studied "molecular and structural product design" for one year at the age of 22 and after that chemistry for one year at Halle University.[3]


The forum Balliet used for his announcement (Meguca) is a so-called imageboard in a chan forum - it has since disappeared from the net. On such boards, Spiegel wrote, users "can dive into pictures and cynical jokes and post anonymous views of ultra-radical views." The contents extend to violence against Jews, Muslims, migrants and women.[4] There he wrote that he had made DIY weapons in recent years using a 3D printer. Anyone who wants, could watch him now in a "live test". It showed a link to his assassination video, recorded by mobile phone, transmitted via Twitch.[5]


Balliet posted an eleven side „Manifesfo“ with his own ideas online.[6] He streamed the attack online with video and audio from his smartphone on his helmet. The footage shows him, speaking extreme antisemitic content in "poor English".[7] He also used sarcastic gamer-slang and typical German gamer-style language, for example saying to the viewers: "At least I've proven how worthless improvised weapons are" when he realizes his weaponry and plans has failed, and also saying "One hundred percent fail" when he could not enter the synagogue doors.[8]

His mother also reveals in an interview with Spiegel TV that she believes in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.[9]

Along with anti-Semitism and racism, misogyny was a decisive motive for his act, is reported by Balliet listen to a song at his care at the beginning of his shooting, referring to and honoring Alek Minassian, who ran over ten people in April 2018 in Toronto. Eight of his victims were women.[10]

Court questioning

Balliet was sent from Saxony-Anhalt by police helicopter to the federal court, Bundesgerichtshof in Karlsruhe. The court appointed local lawyer Hans-Dieter Weber as Balliet's defence counsel. At their first meeting Balliet asked Weber, if he was Jewish and when the lawyer said no, responded "Even if you were a Jew, I would not reject you now." Weber said that by recording the crime, Balliet had himself provided evidence.[11] Asked about possible role models for his crime, Balliet said, he was "aware of" and "followed" major assassinations, including the massacre of the Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik and the Christchurch mosque shootings while denying that he had been motivated by these crimes.[12]


Military Inteligence

Bundeswehr started internal investigation after Balliet got arrested. Military Intelligence Service (MAD) began to research in its own archives whether Stephan Balliet had links to the Bundeswehr, as his father had given relevant information. According to Der Spiegel, the then 18-year-old was one of the last recruits to complete his six-month military service at Panzergrenadierbetaillon 401 in Hagenow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) from the end of 2010 to 2011 as one of the last recruits before the abolition of conscription. Balliet also completed his three-month basic training there, where he was trained on the ordonance weapons. At his personnel file there where no right-wing attitudes.[13]


Due to his role models, Der Spiegel called Balliet a "copy-paste-attacker".[14]


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