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Advertising? oooh, orphan Template:No footnotes Street Cause is a Hyderabad, India based non-partisan, non-profit organization (NGO) founded in 2009 by Akhilesh Jukareddy. The non-profit’s slogan, “A life without cause, is a life without an effect,” highlights the foundation’s desire to establish impacts towards underdeveloped, underprivileged regions of society. Street Cause strives for societal awareness in five departments: education, environment, old age, social impact, and women empowerment.


Street Cause was founded by Akhilesh Jukareddy and his associates, Md. Akhil, Karthik Sutrave, Mitesh Lohiya, Raj Kiran, Yeshwanth Goturu, Nihar Kohirkar, and Snigdha Thalapally. It’s first division started at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology. Street Cause’s social welfare projects have renovated orphanages, schools, and underdeveloped old age homes in Hyderabad, India. The non-profit has completed over 7000 tasks catered towards social welfare throughout the past several years.

They received the Excellence for Outstanding Community Service Award in June 2010, presented by the then Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh, Sri. Kiran Kumar Reddy. They have since branched into three different departments, exploring ways to promote environmental awareness through Eforce and providing a platform for members outside of the student community through Street Cause Gold.

Street Cause Divisions

Street Cause started with five divisions and expanded to 45+ different campuses. The organization has an active workforce of 5000+ students, making it the largest student-run NGO in Hyderabad. As of 2019, SC divisions have supplied basic amenities to underdeveloped regions; hosted fundraising events; recruited students; implemented projects towards environmental change; and have had a high impact on government schools, education, large projects, etc.


Street Cause has established Eforce clubs in 20 different schools since its inception in 2012. Each Eforce division develops eco-friendly projects to foster a cleaner, healthier environment. It is currently the organization’s most popular section.

Every year, the wing adopts a fresh, environmentally compliant theme. Eforce events are accommodated to fit the year’s theme—allowing the organization to advocate for change in several environmental issues. For example, 2015-2016’s mission was to “reduce, reuse, and recycle;” 2016-2017’s mission was to promote bottle gardening and roof gardening; 2017-2018’s mission was to encourage using cloth/jute bags over plastic ones.

Street Cause Gold

Street Cause Gold was created to extend the organization’s platform to SC members outside of the student community (graduates, engineers, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc). This particular wing of Street Cause opens its arms to all sectors of society, allowing anyone to participate in their service projects. It is currently the organization’s youngest branch.

Street Cause Projects

Solar Power Generating Systems in Schools

Street Cause set up a solar power generating system at Kasturba Gandhi college. The panels supply enough electricity to power the school throughout an entire year—simultaneously running appliances during the daytime and providing seven hours of battery backup every night. All 22 classrooms rely on solar power energy without depending on external sources.

Water Facilities in Schools

Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Dumb

Helen Keller Institute provides educational facilities and rehabilitation services to children with disabilities. Street Cause supplied the students with chalkboards and a commercial RO water purifier.

Jallepalli Primary Schools

The village has little to no basic water facilities to allocate to the primary school. Therefore, Street Cause members installed a motor to the bore well, added a water tank in the school, and provided a water purifier for proper filtration. Students no longer walked long distances to get drinking water.

Hyderabad Youth Assembly

“HYA not only aims to bring change in the world but also in the people to prepare them for everything the future has to hold.” - Street Cause Web Site

The Hyderabad Youth Assembly embodies the idea of “Unity in Diversity.” It’s a permanent project of Street Cause that unites students from multiple sectors into one large convocation. Meetings are conducted to discuss projects, plans, and strategies that influence/implement serviceable change to society. HYA follows the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (established in 2016) while deliberating project ideas. All ideas in the convocation are turned into permanent projects.  


The following events listed are a few (amongst many) examples of fundraising events hosted by the organization.

Run for a cause

Run for a Cause is one of Street Cause’s most popular fundraising events. With over 15,000 participants and 1000+ volunteers, Run for a Cause funds freshwater facilities in rural areas; solar lamps in government schools; solar street lights; proper housing; water purification systems; educational facilities; and electricity for residents in remote villages.

Dunk It

“They say that nothing can beat a motive associated with a cause.” - Street Cause Web Site

Dunk It is a cash-prize, basketball tournament conducted by Street Cause to raise funds for service projects.  The Hyderabad Basketball Federation Club rendered their support towards the organization and helped them in technical aspects of the tournament. In total, about 190 teams participated in the event.

Chief Executive Boards of Street Cause:

The Chief Executive Board of Street Cause runs the entire organization. The board oversees all alumni, media, digital, financial, and cultural aspects of the foundation. Members facilitate cross-functional connections between SC Alumni; support all divisions regarding media related activities; manage Street Cause’s digital/social media platform; and ensure financial transparency throughout the organization.

The selection process for the Chief Executive Board involves five stages as defined below:

  • A recommendation phase includes references from SC community.
  • A telephonic conversation is conducted to evaluate the individual’s ability.
  • A presentation prepared and presented by the member will be reviewed.
  • A personal interview to further validate the potential CEB member’s credentials.
  • A final interview to ensure that all criteria is met.

Executive Board Presidents:

Executive Board Presidents
Year President
2009-2010 Akhilesh Jukareddy
2010-2011 Akhilesh Jukareddy
2011-2012 Snigdha Thalapally
2012-2013 Manasa Patwari
2013-2014 Kavya Kalasamudram
2014-2015 Shravani Challawar
2015-2016 Shashank Srigiriraju
2016-2017 Meghana Rao Mojjada
2017-2018 Kunal Agarwal
2018-2019 Lalit Aditya

Executive Boards:

Executive Board 2009-2010
Role Name
Vice President Md. Akhil
Joint Secretary Yeshwant Goturu
Treasurer Karthik Sutrave
Coordinator Poojitha Onteddu
Executive Board Member Mitesh Lohiya
Board Member Shravya Reddy
Board Member Akshita Reddy
Executive Board 2010-2011
Role Name
Vice President Mitesh Lohiya
General Secretary and Treasurer Karthik Sutrave
Joint Secretary Srinivas Teja
Executive Member Ashwini Singh
Board Member Anwesh Ramanujam
Board Member Snigdha Thalapally
Executive Board 2011-2012
Role Name
Vice President-Finance Vyshnavi Konda
Vice President Syed Faraaz Sharief
Vice President-Division Expansions Revanth Voothaluru
Vice President-Operations Jetty Sairam
Vice President-Project Quality Anjan Krishna
General Secretary Aashritha Sreepathi
Executive Member Yashika Handa
Executive Board 2012-2013
Role Name
Associate President Abhinav Chowdary
Vice President-Alumni Relations Shrihari Agarwal
Vice President-Operations Hemanth Rayasam
Vice President-Finance` Shruthi Chandekar
Associate Vice President-Finance Ananth Krishna
Vice President-Division Expansion Keerthi Reddy
General Secretary Nandkishore Srinivasan
Executive Member Naveen Chowdhary
Executive Member Pallavi Sampath

Executive Board 2013-2014
Role Name
Vice President-Project Quality Asritha Thimmaraju
Vice President Head-Media Relations Bhargav Kumar
Vice President-Division Expansion and Maintenance Kode Likhita
Vice President-Online Operations Krish Tejaswi
Vice President-Human Resources Pavan Sharma
Vice President-Finance Shravani Konda
Executive Board Member Srinija Kanchi
Board Member-Alumni Cheruvu Krishna Aditya
Board Member Akhil Dev
Board Member Aneesha Reddy Bizzul
Executive Board 2014-2015
Role Name
Associate President Pranav Sistla
Vice President-Human Resources Devendra Vikram Reddy G
Vice President-Media Relations and Online Operations Dhiraj Kaparthi
Vice President Head-Operations and Logistics Enugula Pradhyumna
Vice President-Project Quality Srinivas Teja
General Secretary Nikitha Reddy Avala
Treasurer Neha Tangirala
Honorable Board Member Prashant Sai
Board Member Head Alumni Relations Shashank Vanka
Executive Board 2015-2016
Role Name
Associate President Prabandha Reddy
Vice President-Documentation Sreya Vs
Vice President-Human Resources Sruthi Vempati
Vice President-Operations Arun Kumar
Vice President-Project Quality Yashwanth Kumar Voore
Vice President-Media Relations Dharani Reddy
Vice President-Finance Harshitha Kota
Vice President-Fundraising Keerthana Kuppa
Vice President-Culture Manu Charan Reddy
Vice President-Online Operations Pankaj Thakur
Vice President-Alumni Relations Parinay Rikhy
Executive Board 2016-2017
Role Name
Role Name
Associate President-Division Expansion Pranay Sai Reddy
Associate President-Media Relations Jay Chandra
Associate President-Alumni Relations Yashna Chowdary
Associate President-Documentation Sahasra Reddy
Vice President-Culture Abhinay Reddy
Vice President-Fundraising Aishwarya Vadrevu
Vice President-Project Quality Faisal Hussain
Vice President-Finance Padmini Vallabhaneni
Executive Board Member Rounak Bagadia
Board Member Vineeth Sai
Executive Board 2017-2018
Role Name
Vice President-Online Operations Akhil Kandaloju
Vice President-Documentation Niharika Amajala
Vice President-Division and Expansion Maintenance Sidharth Garikapati
Vice President-Finance Akhila Vujjini
Associate President-Project Quality and Operations Sohail Mohammad
Associate President-Media Madhuchandra Gudi
Vice President-Alumni Relations Tanvi Rudrashetty
Board Member-Human Resources Yuvika Jalapati
Board Member Priyanka Kommineni

Executive Board 2018-2019
Role Name
Associate President-Project Quality Kushal Agarwal
Associate President-Human Resources G. Charith Reddy
Vice President-Finance and Legal J. Lakshmi Aishwarya
Vice President-Documentation Sumaiya Shaik
Vice President-Media and Sponsorship Vijay Konagalla
Joint Secretary Sravya Reddy
Executive Board Member Kaushik Raj
Board Member Aparna Upadrasta
Board Member Sreeja Reddy
Board Member Hemanth Sai

Permanent Chair

The Permanent Chair is composed of the founder and potential co-founders of the organization. They oversee all the organizations efforts and ensure that the divisions of Street Cause are well protected. Members of the Permanent Chair provide guidance to the Chief Executive Board—verifying that there’s consistency throughout the organization.  They help the board implement strategies that are catered to the non-profit’s overall vision.

The Chief Executive Board and Permanent Chair of Street Cause abide by the SC Constitution. A set of rules assigned by Street Cause that defines the entire non-profit’s policies.  

Permanent Chair
Role Name
Chairman, Founder Akhilesh Jukareddy
Vice Chair Alok Jaiswal
Vice Chair Karthik Sutrave
Vice Chair Mitesh Lohiya
Vice Chair Shravya Reddy
Vice Chair Snigdha Thalapally