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Sultan Muliloda Dimaporo Datumulok (born in March 15, 1935, died March 14, 2013) was a noted politician and scion of many principalities in the Province of Lanao del Sur (Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Lanao del Sur), in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) in the Philippines. During his reign, he received various awards from private and Government Organization, one of them was model mayor for his Charitable services in the community, and Binidayan was awarded by the national government as one of the most peaceful municipality in the Philippines.


Sultan Muliloda was born in the Sultanate of Binidayan to Datumulok Mangotara and Bae Lopac Macarangkat, a royal couple variably descended from founding Ancestors Sayawa, Pondag and Ampaso of Binidayan. Bae Lopac was descended from Diwan of Bayang and Dianaton of Butig. He was married to Bae Ominsalam Marohomsalic Benito-Datumulok, daughter of Sultan of Pagayawan Hadji Acob Orangot Benito (brother of the Sultan of Maguindanao) and Hadji Sara Balindong Marohomsalic. He and his wife were parents of several children:

  • Former Mayor Datu Punudaranao "Panny" Benito Datumulok of Binidayan
  • Former Mayor Datu Anwar Benito Datumulok of Pagayawan,
  • Senior Councilor Mohammad Cosary Benito Datumulok of Binidayan
  • Mrs. Saphidaon Datumulok-Camid, wife of former Assemblyman Ismael BR Camid
  • Mrs. Aisah Benito Datumulok-Andig, wife of Department of Agrarian Reform Provincial Officer-Lanao del Norte Engr. Alibasa Gunting Andig,
  • Bae Raidah Datumulok-Gani, wife of Datu Solaiman Dimakuta Gani
  • Datu Khaphie Datumulok
  • Bae Normidah B Datumulok-Guro, wife of Atty. Agakhan Guro, CPA
  • Mrs. Junaida Benito Datumulok-Balt, present District Supervisor of DepEd-Binidayan and wife of Datu Olodin Balt.
  • Bae Omaidah Benito Datumulok-Radia, wife of Regional Secretary Dimnatang "Dhim" Radia of Cooperative Development Authority-ARMM
  • Bae Hamidah Datumulok
  • Datu Sahabodin Datumulok
  • Datu Asanie Datumulok
  • Datu Salman Datumulok
  • Bae Hayani Datumulok
  • Bae Asmin Datumulok

Political Life

A photo of the Sultan after his retirement.

He was the first Sultan elected as Municipal Mayor of the Municipality of Binidayan from 1961- 1995. He was also the chairman of the 28 sultanate of Lanao(Dowa-polo ago walo a mbabaya ko taritib)[1] known as the "right-hand" of his cousin, the late Governor Mohammad Ali Dimaporo of the Provinces of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte.

His political stunt started when he was convinced by his cousin Governor Ali Dimaporo to run on the Philippine general election, 1961 as Mayor of the town of Binidayan against his relative, the incumbent Mayor during that time, Mayor Omar Olama. After a hard and unpredictable election he won the said election and started his 30 year rule in the town.

During the Marcos era, he joined the Kilusan ng Bagong Lipunan Party of President Marcos and actively supported the programs and projects of the Marcos Administration.

After the People Power, all elected officials has been removed from their respective posts. His brother Hajji Halim Datumulok was appointed as Mayor of the town. But after one year, Sultan Muliloda ran again for the position of Municipal Mayor on the Philippine local elections, 1988 and won.

Upon the establishment of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, he actively supported his son-in-law Datu Ismael Camid's candidacy as an Assemblyman of the Regional Legislative Assembly of ARMM.

On 1995, he announced his retirement from politics and formally endorsed his eldest son Datu Punudarano Datumulok to be his successor.

On 1998, he supported his second son Datu Anwar Datumulok's bid as Mayor of the Municipality of Pagayawan.

On the Philippine general election, 2010 he endorsed his nephew, Abdullah Datumulok as his candidate for the Mayoralty election of Binidayan.

And on 2012, a year before his death, he endorsed and supported his another son-in-law Dimnatang Radia, the current Regional Director Department of Transportation and Communications (Philippines)-Telecommunication Office Region 10 during that time, to be the next Mayor of Binidayan on the upcoming Philippine general election, 2013.

As a leader, he was known for being sincere, dedicated to his work, kind, friendly, helpful, brave and approachable for his constituents.[2] That made him popular and respected leader not only in the town and sultanate of Binidayan but in the entire province. He was an also known to be one of the leaders in the Province of Lanao del Sur that settles conflicts or "rido" (clan feud), because of it, he was expected to run for the Gubernatorial election because of his popularity, achievements and experienced as a graduated mayor and sultan. But instead supported his son Mayor Panny's bid for the mayoralty election in his hometown and Mayor Anwar in Pagayawan, who both won the said positions. During his tenure, he was the most active mayor and the developer of Binidayan. He was even awarded by the Government of the Philippines as the most effective and outstanding mayor. Through his efforts, many projects were implemented, including rural hospitals, public markets, lake ports and many more.

Life after political career

After retiring from politics, Sultan Muliloda devoted his time managing his coconut plantation at Malabang Lanao del Sur and Marogong Lanao del Sur, he and his wife spent his time in his bungalow house at the middle of the plantation and monthly visiting his children. In 2010 he was ill and diagnosed with kidney disease, in February 2011 he started his dialysis three times a week at Polymedic Medical Plaza in Cagayan de oro City.[no citations needed here]

Death and Burial

In March 2013 the Sultan admitted to Polymedic Medical Plaza in Cagayan de Oro City for Kidney Problems, but was rush to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and died due to heart attack. During his death, all the people in his town mourned and cried for the lose of their sultan. He was buried at his hometown in Pagalamatan Binidayan Lanao del Sur beside his cousin the late Governor Ali Dimaporo. His death was a big loss not just in his hometown but in the entire Lanao del Sur


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