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Swadhinata Home Box(Template:Lang-bn) is a Dhallywood based film & media production house in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company was started by the renowned Bangladeshi Film director & producer Montazur Rahman Akbar. The media house produces Film, Drama & Drama serials, Music videos, Variety shows, Magazine Programmes, Musical Programmes and Documentaries as well as TV commercials. Special Programmes Produced are Short film. Company produced & distributed mainly program Short film & documentary's. Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy was produced by Swadhinata Home Box. Film was Premiered in Vagrant film festival,[1] Belarus. Swadhinata Home Box launched & maintained cine web portal chitrojogot.com[2]


Swadhinata Home Box, a Dhaka based film production & distribution company, was started by Montazur Rahman Akbar in 2012. Akbar planned for company make a commercial film & television program, company promoted by her son Apu Monwar & Minhazur Rahman Nayan. Minhazur Rahman Nayan under the company banner planing make short film & launched cine web portal. In January 2013 Swadhinata Home Box released short film Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy. In July 2013 company was launched Bangladeshi first cine web portal Chitrojogot.com.

Film production & distribution

Swadhinata Home Box Created by Bangladeshi film director producer Montazur Rahman Akbar. He was planing film & television program produce under Swadhinata Home Box Banner. But Unfortunately did not make any drama or commercial film under this company till now, but make future. Minhazur Rahman Nayan under the Swadhinata Home Box produced & distributed make short film Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy.

Cine web portal

Main article : Chitrojogot.com

Swadhinata Home Box technical support from IT company Ahobantech[3] launched & maintained Bangladeshi first cine web portal chitrojogot.com[2] in 2013. The project was planned & maintained by Minhazur Rahman Nayan and her friend Sumon M Selim (Ahobantech[3]). The website highly promoted Dhallywood.


Year Film Director(s) Cast Release Date Note
2013 Tofael: The Tea Stall Boy[1][4][5][6] Minhazur Rahman Nayan Mastar Tofael Alam, Rafique Natabar 15 January 2013 The Vagrant Film Festival, Belarush


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