The Boogeyman (2010 film)

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Template:Italic title The Boogeyman is a short horror film directed by Gerard Lough and starring Simon Fogarty, Michael Parle and Joanne Cullen. It is based on the short story of the same name by Stephen King and was made using the "Dollar Baby" deal he set up in the '80s.[1] The film centers around a troubled man named Andrew Billings who goes to see psychiatrist Dr. Harper to explain his theory that a "boogeyman" is responsible for the deaths of his three children.


Lough chose to create The Boogeyman after learning of Stephen King's "Dollar Baby" deal, where students and aspiring filmmakers can adapt one of his short stories.[2] In an interview with HorrorNews.Net Lough explained that the story appealed to him because he "saw the potential for it to be a film where the line between reality and fantasy gets more & more blurred as it reaches it’s ambiguous conclusion."[3]

Critical reception and publicity

The Boogeyman premiered at the Underground Cinema Film Festival in Dublin on 6 August 2010. Since then it has been screened at festivals in America, Australia, Netherlands and the UK. It received press coverage with articles and reviews in publications such as The Irish Independent, SFX, Film Ireland, Little White Lies, as well as making the front page of the Donegal News.[no citations needed here]

HorrorNews.Net reviewed the film, stating that it had "a cool twist ending".[4]


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