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The Common Good is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan information and public advocacy organization of the media, business, arts and entertainment communities. It was established in 1987 in Los Angeles as the Show Coalition and revived in 2007 as The Common Good with headquarters in New York City.

Origins in Show Coalition

The Common Good’s predecessor was the organization, Show Coalition, founded in 1987 by Patricia Duff and supported by members of the entertainment industry and political activists such as music executive Danny Goldberg,[1] director Sidney Pollack, writer/producer Norman Lear, and activist Betsy Kenny.[2][3] Show Coalition was a Los Angeles-based membership organization focused on bringing prominent members of the entertainment industry together with leading political figures from across the country.[4][5] It became an important part of the Washington-Hollywood political nexus in the 1980s and 1990s and one of the earliest entertainment industry organizations to organize and educate members of the entertainment industry on politics and national issues.[6]

Celebrity entertainment participants in various endeavors included: Denzel Washington, Kevin Costner, Bette Midler, Tyne Daly, Geena Davis, Danny Glover, Dennis Miller, Cheech Marin, Edward James Olmos, Tom Selleck, Jimmy Smits, Patrick Swayze, Alfre Woodard, Lou Gossett, Ed Begley, and Donna Mills. Many producers, writers, agents and executives in the film, music, and television industries have also been counted among its members or have participated in its events including film directors such as Sidney Pollack and Roland Joffe, Barbara Kopple, TV executive Ted Harbert. After a hiatus, Duff reorganized Show Coalition under its new name, The Common Good, at which she currently serves as Founder and CEO.[7][4][8]

Past speakers

The Common Good brings a wide range of speakers, including those active in politics, media, business and entertainment. Past speakers include:

Government Officials: William Cohen, Henry Kissinger,[9] Peter Peterson, Gen. David Petraeus,[10] General Wesley Clark, Leslie H. Gelb, Dee Dee Myers, Robert Hormats

Ambassadors: Munir Akram, Dan Gillerman, Sergey Kislyak,[10] Felix Rohatyn, Pierre Vimont

Governors: Janet Napolitano, David Paterson, Ed Rendell, Bill Richardson, Bill Ritter, Kathleen Sebelius, Brian Schweitzer, Tom Vilsack, Mark Warner, Bill Weld

Senators: Chris Dodd, Bob Dole, Lindsey Graham,[10] Chuck Hagel, Steny Hoyer, Doug Jones,[11] Bob Kerrey, Amy Klobuchar, Claire McCaskill,[11] George Mitchell, Tom Udall, Jay Rockefeller, Gordon Smith, Arlen Specter

Elected Officials: Members of Congress Harold Ford, Jr., Carolyn Maloney,[12] Nancy Pelosi;[13] Mayors Michael Bloomberg,[14] Mia Love,[11] Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa; Charles Hynes, Raymond Kelly

Media Figures and Newsmakers: Dan Abrams,[15] Jill Abramson,[16] Roger Ailes, Jonathan Alter, Tom Brokaw,[11] Tucker Carlson, Joe Conason, Mark Green, Arianna Huffington, Gwen Ifill, Jesse Jackson, Joe Klein, Ted Koppel[10], Bernard-Henri Lévy,[4] Cynthia McFadden, Jon Meacham, Markos Moulitsas, Bill Schneider, Ted Turner, Katrina vanden Heuvel,[17] Stephanie Ruhle,[11] Faye Wattleton, Tim Weiner, Mort Zuckerman

Consultants and Advisors: Doug Bailey, Paul Begala, Kellyanne Conway,[13] Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Gerald Rafshoon, Ed Rollins, Nouriel Roubini, Anthony Scaramucci,[13] Doug Schoen

Entertainment Industry Figures: Alec Baldwin,[18] Ed Begley, Jr., Chevy Chase, Kevin Costner, Geena Davis, Fats Domino, Danny Glover, Danny Goldberg, Roland Joffe, Barbara Kopple, Bette Midler, Dennis Miller, Sydney Pollack, Mark Ruffalo,[19] Tom Selleck, Russell Simmons, Jimmy Smits, Denzel Washington, Debra Winger

American Spirit Award

Originating with Show Coalition and continuing with The Common Good in 2008, The American Spirit Award was created to honor individuals who have contributed compassionately to their communities and to the betterment of the nation.[20] It has highlighted individuals in the arts, public service, activism, and thought leadership.

Changemaker Scholarships

Starting in 2018, The Common Good began its Changemaker Scholarship initiative to recognize young leaders who have "gone above and beyond to fight for causes that affect not only them or the nation, but the world".[21] The recipients include:

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