The Eagle's Eye (serial)

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The Eagle's Eye (1918) - 3.jpg
A still from the serial, with Fred C. Jones, Marguerite Snow, and William Bailey

The Eagle's Eye is a 1918 serial film consisting of 20 episodes that dramatizes German espionage in the United States during World War I.[1][2] It features King Baggot in the lead role as the daring espionage agent. Among the events depicted are the sending of the Zimmermann Telegram, Franz von Rintelen's attempts to sabotage cargo loading in San Francisco Harbor, and the capture of the German espionage plans. It was directed by George Lessey and Wellington A. Playter and produced by the Whartons Studio. The serial is now considered lost.[3] Because this serial was a commercial failure, it was the last one made by Whartons, due to it being forced to declare bankruptcy.


  • King Baggot as Harrison Grant
  • Marguerite Snow as Dixie Mason
  • William Bailey as Heinrich von Lertz
  • Florence Short as Madame Augusta Stephan
  • Bertram Marburgh as Count Johann von Bernstorff
  • Paul Everton as Captain Franz von Papen
  • John P. Wade as Captain Karl Boy-Ed
  • Fred C. Jones as Dr. Heinrich Albert
  • Wellington A. Playter as Franz von Rintelen


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