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Musical artist

Toy Connor (born April 7, 1989 in Brooklyn, New York) is a Caribbean-American actress, rapper, singer and songwriter. Her career began upon meeting casting director, Jackie Brown-Karman, in 1999 through a request to attach actors to a script Connor had written; she was granted a meeting to discuss her script at HBO, where the casting director then asked if she would be interested in auditioning for a new HBO Series, The Corner. She ultimately landed the role of Tyreeka Freamon after auditioning for David Simon, Charles S. Dutton, and David Mills. The Corner received three Emmy Awards in 2000. Connor went on to star and co-star in numerous Emmy Award-winning shows between the years of 2000 and 2010.

In 2010, Connor abandoned the media industry and went back to the Islands to look after her father, whose health was declining due to a terminal illness and died in 2012.

Connor's music has been featured in television series such as The Real World (2013), Bad Girls Club (2013), Love Games (2013), Texas Big Tips (2014) and Kingpin (2003).

Her single "They Don't Even Know" was released on iTunes on April 17, 2015.



  • "Be In Love Tonight" Licensed to MTV's The Real World (2013)
  • "Shots All Night" (GENRE: Urban Pop, STATUS: Licensed to OXYGEN's Bad Girls Club – EP. Hate Lanta (2013)
  • "Hit It All Night" (GENRE: Dance, STATUS: Licensed to OXYGEN'S Bad Girls Club – EP. Miserella (2013)
  • "Stilettos" (GENRE: Dance, STATUS: Licensed to OXYGEN's Love Games – EP. Let the Badness Begin, EP. Bad Girls Need Love Too (2013)
  • "Bad Boys" (GENRE: Urban Pop, STATUS: Lincensed to MTV's Texas Big Tips (2013)


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