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Template:Infobox gameTruckersMP (also known as ETS2MP or TMP) is an independent multiplayer modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. TruckersMP was originally programmed and released by Eryk "RootKiller" Dwornicki on May 1, 2014.[1]

The project is run by an international team of volunteers and is not affiliated with the publisher SCS Software.[2] Originally announced in 2013, TruckersMP has developed to a community with millions of players from all over the world.[3]



Released on May 1, ETS2MP was created as a multiplayer modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 by Eryk "RootKiller".[4] ETS2MP was awarded the "Mod of the Year 2014 - Players Choice" award by Mod DB in December 2014.[5]


In the beginning of the year, Eryk "RootKiller" leaves the project. Which meant that mwl4 which had been working on the project since August 2013 took over from Rootkiller. Mwl4 announced support for American Truck Simulator coming later the year.[6]


On 30 January, ETS2MP was renamed to TruckersMP, which also brought a new website which is still in use today.[7]

In February after the release of American Truck Simulator, the first build of ATSMP was released to the public.[8]

In May, the first in-game addon was released. This being the Scout car, which was intended as a police car, but later released as a public feature. On June the 29th of 2016, TruckersMP reached 1 million players.[9]


In August the first Community Success Story was released. Which was the first of a series of blogs where stories from the Community will be shared. Created with the idea to bring the Community further together and share success stories.[10]

On October 7, TruckersMP held their first Real Operations event. An event with the aim to recreate real life situations to enhance the simulation aspect.[11]


In April the Add-on Team was created, which resulted in a rework for the Scout car and the addition of a caravan.[12]

In June, the first map edit was added to TruckersMP, to help resolve the traffic issues during the Operation Big Sur[13] World of Trucks event on American Truck Simulator.[14]

September brought changes to the recruitment system as well as a new fully integrated Support System. Making it easier for our Support team as well as users.[15]


Starting off in January, TruckersMP released the Knowledge Base System, allowing the categorization and translating of articles for the majority of our player-base.[16]

In July, TruckersMP introduced the VTC System, with numerous features for both VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) owners and drivers. This system also gives VTCs a chance to become Verified for additional benefits.[17]

To enhance the trucking simulation, Road to Simulation was released in July bringing changes to the servers, game rules and bringing back the focus to the simulation aspect of the game. With additional changes being made in August.[18]

In October TruckersMP announced their first partnerships with the online radio station TruckersFM and map modification ProMods.[19] [20]

October also brought one of the most requested features to TruckersMP. This being the addition of a ProMods server.[21]

In November TruckersMP reached three million registered members on their website.[22]


In the beginning of February part 3 of Road to Simulation was released, bringing changes to the game rules, player punishments and save editing.[23]

March brought some changes to the VTC System. Adding new content as well as updating existing content. One of the new additions was the Validated status, to help aspiring VTCs that don't meet the Verification requirements yet.[24][25]

In May TruckersMP turned 6, to celebrate that a weekend full of events was planned. Starting off with one of a 6-hour festival with custom add-ons and live coverage by TruckersFM.[26]

In July 2020, TruckersMP added an integration for TruckersFM to their client. Players were able to see information about the current song and show in-game.[27]

With the release of version 1.37 for ETS2 and ATS, TruckersMP was not updated for multiple weeks. One of the main reasons was the implementation of the new sound engine FMOD.


TruckersMP has been organizing different type of events for their community. Their main events are Convoys (all participants drive one route together guided by convoy controllers),[28] Real Operations (Accidents and roadworks simulated using custom vehicles and map edits)[29] and Racing Championships (Truck races).[30]


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