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Template:Infobox MP Template:Infobox award Umar Nasir ((Template:Lang-ur); (Pashto عمر ) born February 1, 1938) is a Pakistani writer, poet, Actor and Radio Producer. He is the recipient of Presidents Award for Pride of Performance for the year 2009 in the field of Literature.[1]Template:Better source[2][3]

He is currently producing radio program "Kadam Pa Kadam' funded by Equal Access. The program delivers a message of Religious tolerance, Agricultural development, Health & hygiene and respect for human rights.[4]

He previously produced "New Home New Life"(Pashto نوے کور او نوے ثوند)(Dari خانہ نو زندگی نو) for the BBC's Afghan Education Project from 1994 to 2006.[5]

Early life

Mr. Umar Nasir was born in the North-West Frontier Province of British Indian Empire now Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan to Mr. & Mrs. Fazal Din Khan.


Mr. Umar Nasir was a brilliant student and his love of Literature and Art steared him towards a carrier in Radio.


File:Umar Nasir Pride of Performance Award.JPG
Pride of Performance Award being presented by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Owais Ahmed Ghani to Mr. Umar Nasir in a ceremony held on March 23, 2009 at Governor House Peshawar.

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation

Umar Nasir joined Radio Pakistan in 1960 as Producer and retired as Station Director on February 1, 1998. During his time in Radio Pakistan some of his achievements, besides his routine duties, were the Contribution of 108 Dramas in Pushto. He Started a two hour’s daily programme in Pushto “Sahar Saba” in 1974 which continued till the end of 1979. Sahar Saba was a variety program consisting of cheerful songs, light talks, songs from the popular movies, skits and interviews with renowned personalities. A segment of this programme was called “Palwashe” which was sponsored on weekly bases for six years. It was the most popular programme of its time.

Umar Nasir was the Vice Principal of the Pakistan Broadcasting Academy.

New Home New Life

BBC had requested Umar Nasir through PBC headquarters to produce for them eighty programmes in Pushto in 1991, Then hundred programmes, 50 each in Dari and Pushto, in 1992 and then regular programme in Dari and Pushto in 1993. The programme was entitled “New Home New Life” and it was Broadcast three days a week in Dari and three days a week in Pushto totaling six programmes in a week. These programmes were broadcast from Radio Pakistan Peshawar and Radio Pakistan Quetta as well as BBC London. These programmes got international awards in annual New York festivals for four years. It fetched Radio Pakistan a revenue of one lac and fifty thousand per month for nine years till the BBC offices were shifted to Kabul, Afghanistan in September 2002. He continued to work with BBC in Kabul till March 31, 2005.

Awards and Nominations

Pride of Performance Award 2009