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The currently unnamed second full length studio album of the American indie pop band The Narrative set to be released on December 02, 2016. The album was produced by Bryan Russell and Justin Long at Red Wire Audio in New York.[1] The album is what Suzie Zeldin call more "mature" compared as their last releases. "Chasing a Feeling" was released as the album's lead single in June 3, 2014.[2] The promotional single from the album, "Moving Out" was released on January 12, 2016 followed by "Toe The Line" released on January 27, 2016.[3]

Background and recording

Template:Quote box In July 27, 2010, the Narrative released their self-titled studio album The Narrative. After its release, they went in national tour on to promote the album. In 2011 the band made its first performance at the festival Vans Warped Tour in July followed by another CMJ Music Marathon performance in the end of the year. Later in 2012, the Narrative stated to AbsolutePunk, that they had begun writing and working on their second studio album.[4] Recording sessions began in March 26, 2012.[5][6] The band chose to record the album in a different way of the previous, recorded entirely on an closed studio.[7] They spent one month recording the most part of the instrumentals, vocals and sounds elements and producing it, at an English cathedral barn built in 1900, in Upstate New York, Hunter.[7] The recordings in the barn were finished on April 2012, after that the duo went to the studio Red Wire Audio in Brooklyn to finish the album tracking.[8] The album was produced by Bryan Russell, who has produced the previous albuns released by the band, and Justin Long. The band also worked with the music producer and mixer, Richard Flack, who has previously produced records for Florence and the Machine and Robbie Williams.[9] Without a drummer member, the duo was helped by their friend Jay Scalchunes and also by Ari Sadowitz, who recorded the bass and the koto harp. The Narrative had announced the album's release date to the summer of 2012, but the date was delayed, due its conclusion.[10][11] On June 3, 2014 was announced through their official website, its first single from the album titled "Chasing a Feeling" released in June 3, 2014.[12] While Zeldin went on tour with the Americana band Twin Forks, Gabriel started recording an solo album with Russell. The project was announced through the Narrative's Facebook account on February 15, 2014 and on October 12, Gabriel released the album Here, Sit, Stay through digital download.[11][13]

The production of the album finished on the end of 2015, according to the website which stated that the album took longer to be finished due the instrumentation recording of different instruments and more complex arrangements and the mixing of it in the UK with Richard Flack. The band also worked with Sam Moses for the album mastering in Nashville, TN.[3]

Style and influences

To write and compose the musical style of the album, the band took influences from folk artists such as Counting Crows, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Bruce Springsteen, Regina Spektor, Modest Mouse and Jimmy Eat World.[14] They used of differents instruments, such as Koto, orchestral arrangements, horns and bass clarinet, ambient elements, violoncello, ukuleles, autoharps and accordions as well the band explored the synthpop and the contemporary pop, utilizing mixing synthesizers and electronic drums.[11] “It’s more explorative,” Gabriel affirmed to NewsDay, "The release keep the same mix of female-male vocals", Zeldin added.[15]

Promotion and release

Converted barn used by The Narrative to record arrangements and vocals for Chasing a Feeling.[6]

After leaving the barn, the Narrative released a b-side compilation, titled B-Sides and Seasides on April 4, 2012 to fund the album production with donation packages sold through their official website. These donation packages included from digital downloads to Skype performances, exclusive items and private acoustic shows.[16] Afterward, they published online an lyric video of the b-side track "Hallelujah" containing footages from the album recordings.[17] The large promotion for the album came earlier when the band was featured in an interview on NewsDay on June 19, 2012, where they talked about the album production during its recording stages.[1] On November 15, 2012 to December 9, 2012, the songs "Toe The Line" and "Moving Out" were revealed live on their small tour of the east coast on United States.[18]

In the beginning of 2014, the band start to tease previews of the songs they recorded in the album's rehearsals at the barn, onto their Instagram account.[19] The album's tracklisting was publised by the band on a facebook update on September, 26.


Template:ListenOn July 3, 2014, the Narrative released, to digital retailers, their lead single from the album, "Chasing a Feeling" premiered courtesy of American Songwriter.[2] The music video for "Chasing a Feeling" was directed by the photographers Sean O'Kane with help of Hilary J. Corts, and shot on November 11, 2013 at Allentown, PA.[20] It was premièred on July 28, 2014 on Idolator.[21]

Promotional Singles

"Moving Out" was released as a promotional single on January 12, 2016 through digital download.[3] Different from its first single, "Moving Out" features the style of alternative rock and pop punk.[22] Following, the following promotional single "Toe The Line" was released on January 27, 2016.


Confirmed tracks from the album:

  • Chasing a Feeling (4:32)
  • Moving Out (4:14)
  • Toe The Line (4:14)

To be announced by the band

  • Already Changed (4:29)
  • California Sun (5:07)
  • Home (4:12)
  • I Can Make a Mess (5:41)
  • Oklahoma Air (4:36)
  • Reason To Leave (3:22)
  • Suburbs (6:08)


The Narrative
Additional musicians
Technical personnel


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