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vandeStreek is a craft beer brewery from Utrecht, the Netherlands, founded by brothers Ronald and Sander van de Streek. They started as contract brewers and opened their own facility in May 2017.


Brothers Ronald and Sander van de Streek started homebrewing around 2009, in Sander's appartment in Kanaleneiland. Every month, they brewed 20 liters, but not for commercial purposes.[1] Sander called it "a hobby that got out of hand".[2] In 2012, they started a crowdfunding campaign.[3] As a gift for his 30th birthday, Sander's girlfriend sold their yet-to-be-brewed beer, totaling of 7 hl.[4]

In February 2013, they incorporated their business as vandeStreek.[5] They initially functioned as contract brewers, i.e., they had to rent the space and equipment from other breweries. In May 2013, their beers Broeders ("Brothers") and Dark Roast were presented at the Utrechtse Bierbrouwersfestival ("Utrecht beer brewers' festival").[3] In August of that year, vandeStreek launched their Hop Art series. In 2015, they doubled their output and introduced two new beers to their standard line-up, Hop Art IPA and Koper ("Copper"), a rye IPA.[6]

In March 2016, their beer Hop Art #5, a dark IPA received a bronze medal in the Dutch Beer Challenge.[7] In June 2016, their beer Zonnesteek ("Sunstroke") came in fourth in a competition for best local maibock. Reviewers Tomas Schroën and Hecker considered it not a typical maibock and "more for lovers of beer to truly enjoy".[8] In November 2016, Roberto Coletti, a gelato maker from Utrecht, came in fourth in an international gelato tournament. He created an ice cream made with two kinds of beer from vandeStreek.[9] Coletti used 120 ml of beer per scoop, and commented that "while it is possible to get drunk, one would have to eat a whole lot of ice cream".[10] In December 2016, vandeStreek announced that their own brewery was being built. They were hoping to open in March 2017.[11] They called their own brewery "a dream come true".[12] In March 2017, vandeStreek became the first craft beer brewery in the Netherlands with an alcohol-free IPA, called Playground Alcoholvrij ("Alcohol-free"). They created the beer in collaboration with a German master brewer.[13] In a tasting competition of alcohol-free beers, held by De Volkskrant, Playground Alcoholvrij came in first in the "other style" categories.[14]

In May 2017, they opened their brewery. For the celebration, they produced a saison, aged on oak, called The First, as it is their first beer made in their own facility.[2] Six months earlier, guests at a event held by vandeStreek could vote on what kind of beer it would become.[15] With their own brewery, vandeStreek wants to try to reach an international audience.[1]


  • Dark Roast, a stout. The second beer vandeStreek brewed formed the basis of the beer.[6] It is made with Kenyan coffee.[5][3]
  • Hop Art, an India pale ale. In a blind tasting session, held in August 2017, Hop Art received the first place as Utrecht's best Summer beer.[16]
  • Broeders ("Brothers"), a blonde beer made with wheat.[3][5]

At their brewery in Utrecht, vandeStreek also make try-out beers, in small batches.[11]


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