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Victorio Pezzolla (Buenos Aires, May 29, 1952) is an Argentine musician.

He is also a producer, arranger, composer, lyricist and studied guitar before in Genoa, then to Rome.

In 1975, he composed his first soundtrack for the movie The Teasers directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini with Gloria Guida, Alvaro Vitali, Mario Carotenuto and Gianfranco D'Angelo for Medusa Film.

Then, L'Argent du ministre, (France) by Mauro Cappelloni (1979), Daughter of the Jungle (Last paradise), (Italy) by Umberto Lenzi (1982) from which the song titles “As The night" performed by Victoria, Eddie e la banda del sole luminoso, (USA) (1992) animated by Don Bluth, (original title: Rock-a-doodle), with songs performed by Rossana Casale and Bobby Solo, Diary of a Maniac, (Italy) by Marco Ferreri with Sabrina Ferilli, Jerry Calà. (1993), Qui a Manduria tutto bene, with Enzo Enzo Pisconti and Martufello, produced by Mauro Cappelloni (2008)

In 1980 he composed words and music of the song “I Am a Rebel” performed by Leif Garrett and produced by Richard Finch of KC and the Sunshine Band, and in 1981 arranged and produced for Wea Italy the Marina Perzy' s single E-Op / Ancora un po’. Even In 1981, it is the time of "Memories", arranged and composed together with Tony Fiore for Ellen Cobben (single disk whose back is "Rollin"), whose version in Italian entitled “Facile” (with text by Paola Blandi ), sung by Liana Orfei.

In 1982 arranges two songs by the Bee Gees, "I Started a Joke" and "Marley Purt Drive" in an instrumental version played on guitar by Tony Fiore, inserted in a compilation of K-Tel.

In 1983 is responsible for the pre production of "Sarà quel che sarà", the song with which Tiziana Rivale won the Sanremo Music Festival of that 'year, published by WEA .

In 1984, again for WEA, produces “Regalami un Sorriso”, great success of Drupi and arranged by Tony Hymas of Ph.D, presented at the festival of San Remo that year. In the same year, always for Wea, arranges together with Logo their disco-mix "Breaking Bossa Nova."

He is the producer and performer of the first three Italian albums of the Smurfs and also composer, producer and also sometimes performer of several Italo Disco in the early eighties (Dealer / Black Jack, Ace, Dance Box, Pussycat, Nasty Schoolboys and others).

He also composed many jingles for commercials and various themes music for TV programs including “Gioca”, played by Julie and July TG3/sport, I Am a Rebel, sung by Leif Garrett for “Il Barattolo“ by Fabrizio Frizzi on RAI 2 and also music for “Happy Magic”, on RAI as well, several songs Latin American for “Vamos a Bailar" presented on RAI 1 by Leonardo Pieraccioni and Brigitta Boccoli and the titles tune of the cartoon serial "Potsworth & co." from which the album by “I Bambini Irresistibili” which also contains the song Coccolypso, also translated into Portuguese with the title of Coccolypso de São Tomé, music theme of a TV show in Portugal as well.

In 1990 produces for EMI Eucalypso, a Latin rock group whose leader was Andrea Di Marco, that later will enter the original formation of the Cavalli Marci. "Brrrividi" and “Affogando nella lacca” are part of the soundtrack of the movie Diary of a Maniac.

In 1992 he participated as a percussionist in the Italian tour of Rossana Casale, along with Andrea Zuppini (guitar), Andrea Valentini (Drums - later drummer of Blood, Sweat & Tears), Fabio Nuzzolese (keyboards) and Alessandro Cercato (bass).

As a lyricist, as well as having written the lyrics in Spanish, English and Italian in almost all his compositions, he wrote texts in Spanish for Nicola Di Bari. He has also written the Spanish version of An American Hymn, (Himno Al Amor ), whose original version was sung by Plácido Domingo and also the Spanish versions of Always On My Mind (Vives En Mi Corazón) sung in the original by Elvis Presley and Let's make love (Amame) whose original version is played by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Both, Amame and Vives En Mi Corazón are in the album of Patrizio Buanne Forever Begins Tonight (2006).

In 2008, he produced the Jazz album by Lele Mico Il sole sul’ onda di un pianoforte, where together with the pianist, also play the musicians: Sergio Farina, Giancarlo Porro, Flavio Scopaz, Tommy Bradascio and Pepe Ragonese.

In 2009 he made Cruising, a lounge album in the style of the seventies with Giancarlo Porro, Davide Moretto, Edoardo de Angelis and Lele Mico.

In 2012 he released the CD ''Petrolio'', a concept album of songs in Italian that he composed, arranged and interpreted.

Also in 2012, the German Private Records printed an LP 33 rpm, vinyl limited edition titled Do it again, a collection of italo disco 80s songs produced and performed by Victorio Pezzolla, whose lead track is the Asso version of Do It Again, originally by Steely Dan.

Between 2013 and 2014, composes and produces together with Stefano Barzan Latin Pop Songs for Flippermusic, an album of "surfing” songs in Spanish and English, low-Californian style and a bit '"Tex / Mex" inspiration. To follow, in 2015, Sophisticated Lady, an instrumental album sounding refined and Jazzy, sensual ambience of Night Club and Dream Holidays, instrumental as well. Same authors, musicians and label, the Flippermusic.


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