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Roma Rani Bhattacharya (born 1938) in Dehradun, India, has been one of the noted exponents of Hindustani classical music belonging to the Rampur-Sahaswan gharana.


She started learning music from her childhood under the guidance of Pandit Rabindra Kumar Dasgupta and her elder sister Uma Rani Banerjee in Dehradun between 1942 and 1956. She started performing in public concerts during the 1950s in Dehradun. In October 1956, she participated in the All India Radio Music Competition in New Delhi and received first prize in the category of Classical Vocal Music from the then President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad. In Delhi, she received intensive talim in Vocal Music at the Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra[1] by the doyen of Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana, Padma Bhushan Ustad Mushtaq Hussain Khan and remained one of his favorite disciples. After his death in 1964. she continued her training from his son Ustad Ishtiaq Hussain Khan.[1] During a period between 1977 to 1980 she was mentored by Acharyya K.C.D Brahaspati, the then Chief Producer of Music of All India Radio and later from Ustad Hafeez Ahmed Khan between 1979 and 1982.

Her renderings were portrayed by the specialties of the Rampur Sahaswan Gharana with clarity of swara and systematic elaboration and development of the raga (swar vistaar).

Musical portfolio

She started performing in All India Radio Lucknow since 1957 in light music, and later she has been an artiste of Classical Vocal Music from All India Radio, New Delhi. She was artiste of A grade of All India Radio since 1977 and a Top Grade since 1980. She has performed in several national musical concerts in the country including the Annual Music Festival organized by the Sur Singar Samsad in Mumbai in 1980. She has also given a number of performances on the Doordarshan Delhi and Srinagar and performed in the External Services as well as the "Bazm-e Mausiqui" program broadcast by the Urdu Service. Besides rendering Khayal, she has performed Thumri, Dadra, Bhajan, and Rabindra Sangeet with equal proficiency and her performances were acclaimed highly by her peers around the world.

She moved to Sweden in 1994 where she lived with her son, and continued to perform within the local cultural events until she died in November 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden.[2]