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Illustration from the patent WO2018075714
File:Rubik's cube - pipes.gif
An example of a game on the surface of WOWCube (animation)

WOWCube is an prototype electronic puzzle. The device that has 24 screens on the surface that rotate like a Rubik's Cube.[1][2][3][4] It was patented in 2017 and is an example of a tangible user interface[5] or a cubic console[6].


The first prototype based on Arduino was developed in 2017 (The concept of the puzzle was proposed by Savva Osipov in 2016). The Russian patent was obtained by Ilya and Savva Osipov in 2017.[7] An early prototype was presented on June 8, 2017 at a scientific conference CALL in UC Berkeley,[8] and in May 2018, a prototype of the puzzle was presented at the Maker Faire exhibition in Santa Clara, California.[9]


WOWCube is an electronic device cube which consists of eight self-contained modules, with 24 subdisplays and rotate like elements of Rubik’s Cube. Magnetic connectors used for data exchange between the self-contained modules to make user feel like it is homogeneous device. The console combines the properties of physical gadgets, such dynamic twiddling toys (e.g., Fidget spinner), and digital gaming consoles in one unit.[1][10]


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