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Watford LLC is an American conglomerate and holding company located in Seattle, Washington, United States.[1] Founded by Richard Watford in 2015, the company currently owns and controls Goldmine BMD, one of the leading gold mining companies in the world, and EDV Recycling amongst other brands.[2]


After its founder faced financial turmoil during the real estate crisis of 2009, Richard Watford established Watford LLC.[3] Today, Watford LLC is a holding company that consists of different companies including pharmaceutical products and one of the largest gold mining companies in the Western hemisphere with Goldmine BMD.[4] Moreover, its alternative energy producing company has teamed with Plastic Bank,[5] which is currently present in three pollution crisis zones around the world.[6] With these companies, the conglomerate elicits a person-to-corporate business model across its divisions, which allows direct interaction between the company and its consumers.[7]


Watford, LLC is the holding company for the following corporations and divisions:[8]

  • Goldmine BMD
  • EDV-Recycling
  • NMV Energy
  • Marijuana Diet[9]


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